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4 mistakes of placing a video on a landing page

  1. Autoplay
    Don’t use it even if you really want to! Leave control over the video to users. No one
    would enjoy a video that turns on by itself and never turns off.
  2. Uncatchy cover
    Users first evaluate the cover and then decide whether to watch the video or not. That’s why it is important to show that the video is going to help solve the problem. Pick a file from the middle of the video to convey its main idea but leave the solution yet unrevealed.
  3. Video is too long
    One minute is enough both to review a new product, and to explain the principles of a new service.
  4. Multiple actions
    Opening a video on a new page is inconvenient and switching to another website is even worse.
    Watching a video on your website in the 16: 9 format is the best option you can offer to users.

It is difficult to anticipate user behavior on a page with the video. Its availability, even if you have followed all the recommendations, does not guarantee any views. So, leave some room for a text and a call to action.

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