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A quick guide on how to use Wistia

Minimalist design, user-friendly interface and new video settings — find all these wonderful features in a relatively young service Wistia. Is it worth spending money on, or are YouTube and Vimeo enough yet?

The new service offers several functions that are not yet implemented by the old video hosting services.

First, it allows changing the appearance of the video using a color palette.

Not the basic function, but in case you embed a video on your site, picking a suitable color will take less than a minute.

It also allows:

  • Adding a thumbnail (you can also do it on Youtube)
  • Uploading a new image (which you created yourself) or using a current frame from the video (the service does this for you)

Second, the service has the Social Bar function, which allows embedding social media icons right under the video to encourage reposts and likes.

Third, you can influence the sequence of a viewer’s actions:

  1. Add a call to action or redirect a viewer to your website or blog. You can write your own call to action in the form of a text, image or with the help of HTML code (for advanced users).
  2. Embed a form for email registration before or during video playback to collect leads.

Besides, it is possible to adjust the transfer of the collected user information to the email database.

Wistia makes work easier and saves time as it allows applying the selected settings to future videos within one or several projects.

If you want to know everything about making videos, then you definitely need the service! The Wistia creators devoted special attention to the analytics part of the service.

The Statistics tab shows a general chart, comparative characteristics, and personal areas of activity for each viewer.

There is also an embedded heat map, like the one in Yandex.Metrics, which is a graphic representation of each video view. A viewer’s activity area contains information about who, how and where watched the video and the color scale that shows how the viewer interacted with the video.

  • White means that this part of the video was never viewed.
  • Green means that the viewer only watched this part of the video once.
  • Yellow, orange, light red and dark red indicate that the viewer watched this part of the video two, three, four or five times, respectively.

Even though some of the described functions are also implemented by other video hosting services, Wistia facilitates and speeds the work on a video up, even if you are not well-versed in HTML at all.

However, there is a significant disadvantage – all the coolest functions are available only starting from the Business plan that costs 100 dollars. Thus, think twice before you start using Wistia. Maybe, you are still able to go on with just Youtube.

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