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Hints and tips of making a video for B2B and B2C projects

You are going to find at least two bright ideas for a killer video for your project in this article

Dear reader! You might have already thought about creating a video for your project. If you are preparing to order a video or embark on a motion design career, we hope this article will help to understand the specifics of making killer videos.

When making business videos, people try not only to uncover the concept of business (in other words, to convey the sheer essence), but also apply the creative approach. Some are guided by the dreams and aspirations of the consumer audience, others—by the business efficiency and profitability. However, what one really should focus on is the target audience. It sets the tone of communication, and all bets should be placed on it

In this article, we analyzed the key features of B2B and B2C videos, which should always be taken into account.

First and foremost, one should never forget that viewers are educated people. Do not take them for idiots who do not understand literate language or simple things. Wherever they watch a video—at home in a dressing gown and slippers or at the workplace—they should feel respect for themselves.

In addition to radiating respect for the audience, a video should entertain. Thus, there are chances that a person will not only watch the video through, but also reflect on a message.

B2B videos


How to attract customers by a video about a certain business sector? Let’s assume that you own a company providing support and maintenance of office appliances. The purpose of the video is to convey the logic and your value proposition: “What we do will save you time, money and resources.” Sure, you will try to put it in a more creative way, but the key message will still hide in the logic that you are trying to sell.


Sooner or later you proceed to design a video. When evaluating design, consider the following points. Symbols, video characters and their personalities should be familiar to your target audience. If the characters are selected incorrectly, the number of views may not suffer, but the efficiency of the video will noticeably decrease. The key points of the video should not look like the performance of another motivational speaker. Position your brand clearly in the scenario and describe the problem you solve correctly.

If you don’t have a well-established corporate style guide or brand book, rely on the following approaches to design B2B videos:

  • Make your text work. Let it appear in the video as a ticker or subtitles. The effect will be greater if the viewer not only hears the offscreen text but is also able to read it.
  • Formulate the message as simply and concisely as possible. If you promise viewers to save time, do not think they will look for some tricks in it.
  • Use common symbols. Everybody knows how to decipher a sign on the bathroom door or the one at a crossroads.

В2С videos


What should a message of a video be if it is meant for ultimate users, not the business segment? First, the video should touch the souls of even most avid skeptics. The key to success is to appeal to the people’s emotions. The video should inspire feelings between your product or service and the viewers. Joy, confidence, calmness, trust – only you know what it will be. However, make sure that you do not impose a perception model on the audience, but it develops naturally.


When developing the style of a video for the B2C segment, you are free to generate uncommon ideas, however, try to stick to the visual concept of your company website and brand colors.

To preserve the video aesthetics, keep to the following rules:

  • Allocate enough time. B2C videos are time-consuming, so be patient. Take the time to learn more about the target audience. Thus, you will be able to develop the definitive terms of reference for the designer, and the illustrations they will further create will bring success to the video.
  • Use symbols. Archetypes are the main way to convey meaning in advertising.
  • Don’t hesitate to experiment. Introduce different characters into the scenario. Avoid stereotyping.

Undoubtedly, these tips are not an imperative guideline, but only because the universal recipe for success does not exist. Learn more about your product, experiment, and remember that every business has its own secret of success.

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