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How to make a killer video for YouTube

  1. Be yourself. Sincerity is always the right choice. A company employee, CEO, or simply a brand fan addressing viewers instill trust in the potential customers.

  2. Add interactivity: a link, a hint, or a transition to another video. If a viewer is interested, they will get the opportunity to learn all the additional information immediately, while you will be able to track their movements and reaction. Catch a viewer’s attention while they are watching, show all the possibilities.
  3. Amuse, surprise, make fun! People enjoy watching things such as “Test Drive” by Pepsi Max with Jeff Gordon, for instance. Everyone likes watching how others are made fun of.
  4. Collaborate with well-known YouTubers. They communicate with their audience almost daily and know how to choose the right tone, pick up an interesting topic and engage viewers.
  5. Tell a story. According to the YouTube statistics, viewers want stories. A 30-second video is not enough for them, they are ready to spend even four minutes if the video is worth it. Think like a film director, not a commercial video producer. Tell exciting stories, add emotions to your videos.
  6. Create a meme or use an already known one. Be brave, don’t be afraid to make fun of yourself especially in a video, which is much more likely to be shared than a text with images.
  7. Show what happened before, during and after making a video. For example, funny moments while shooting a video or reaction of your employees to the finished video, which they took part in.

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